Commitment to Precision

K&R Land Surveyors’ mission is to perform for our customers the highest level of quality South Carolina land surveying services at fair prices.

Serving Horry County since 1994, we pride ourselves on having a service-minded attitude, timeliness and attention to detail. K&R Land Surveyors realizes that the relationship with our customers is the foundation of our success.

Who we are

Ken Jordan, founder and owner of K&R Land Surveyors, started out working as a South Carolina land surveyor for other companies in the greater Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area in January of 1994.

Twelve years later K&R Land Surveyors was incorporated. Pretty soon, other folks started hearing about this honest, hardworking guy who treats his customers with fairness and respect – and the rest is history.

Ken is born and raised in Conway and offers his land surveying services throughout Horry County, South Carolina.

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Services offered

With Ken's experience and expertise, he and his staff are dedicated to maintaining repeat clients through quality work and prompt service at an affordable price.

  • Boundary

    This is essentially a retrace survey of an existing boundary. The boundary surveyed will have all property corners identified and missing property corners replaced. A map will be produced showing the property lines labeled with metes and bounds, total acreage calculated, and improvements are shown on the map.


    An ALTA survey comes from the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and may be necessary when buying a piece of property.

    This survey shows the boundaries, location of improvements, all structures present, including fence, utility lines, roads, etc. This is one of the most detailed surveys available.

  • Subdivision

    This type of survey will divide out a portion of land from the parent tract. A map will be produced describing the property and the intent of the survey.

  • Construction As-Built

    An As-Built Survey is needed to record and compare the variations of the original architectural plans versus what is actually built.

  • Wetlands

    From a South Carolina land surveyor's point of view, this type of survey identifies ecological sensitive areas of interest that may interfere with land development.

  • Estate Surveys / Planning

    K&R Land Surveyors takes pride in providing land planning ideas. An estate survey normally consists of a complete boundary survey of the property. The next step may be to create tracts of land equal in value, acreage, and accessibility.

  • Closing / Loan Mortgage Survey

    This type of survey is normally required by a lending institution. A map will be produced showing structures, easements, encroachments or projections.

  • Farm / Timber

    This survey is normally provided for a timber company. It will identify the boundary for the harvesting of timber. A map will accompany this survey upon request.

  • FEMA Flood Certifications

    This will certify the elevation and flood zone of the property. This certificate can be provided by a professional South Carolina land surveyor and it will certify the ground elevation with respect to the flood zone. This certificate is used by FEMA as a tool for qualifying for flood insurance.

  • Topographic Surveys

    This is a survey showing all difference in elevation whether man-made (ditch) or natural (swamp). The size of this survey varies from very small tracts to over 200 acres.

  • Plat Preparation

    We offer plat preparation to help coordinate with the landowners, architects, engineers, and any other persons involved in the development of new property or construction.

  • Sketch Plan / Site Plan

    This survey uses a boundary and topography survey to base a future improvement on the property. An example would be a proposed residential dwelling or shopping center.